”Time does not end but still we have a need for measuring it
I’ve noted the flow of time by seeing my kids becoming adult, realizing there are several grandchildren, myself retiring a 32 year military career and somehow becoming older much faster than my dear wife.

The micromechanics and design of practical timepieces, mainly wristwatches have interested me for many years. I’ve nurtured that interest by buying and reading several watch related books and studying the watch collectors market.

The practical learning curve has also involved purchasing and selling several watches and clocks. With that experience in mind I have mainly narrowed my brand interest and knowledge into the following few; Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex and Omega

Obviously there are many more high end brands that I keep my eyes on, both vintage and new production. Several in-depth articles that I’ve written on watch manufacturers and designers, have been published internationally in magazines of the watch trade.

Monochrome photography

I’m a Nordic creative photographer from Finland.
I work in monochrome only and do a very narrow field of abstract and artistic nude photography.

Weapons research

As an independent and privately funded military small arms researcher and collector Mr. Robie Kulokivi has had the opportunity to be part of many interesting projects since 1980.
His in depth technical articles have been published in several weapon related magazines or books over the years such as; Machine Gun News, Small Arms World Report, ASE-lehti, Small Arms Review, Assault Gun Digest

The technical articles are not influenced by the manufacturer of the product being researched, nor by any editorial wishes of the publisher. This is a true win-win situation for both the industry and the purchaser. The designer and manufacturer gets a true analysis of what should be further developed. This has led to successfully product improved small arms and new models.

The field of interest and expertise is mainly in current and high end military small arms in calibers from 4,5mm to 25mm also including 40mm grenade launchers and specialized accessories. He is well known and trusted among his peers and is also able to locate hard to find material for certified collectors.